Some useful scripts are described below and are offered on an as-is basis. Some have been introduced already and others are new. Click on the script name to view its description.

Click on the script name on the right to download it.

buf_loonalternative to Alliance loon
find_crit_pathprint a critical path
find_faninprint netlist fanin
find_rincalculate rin to match input delays
loop_buf_loonalternative to Alliance loon

The scripts are intended to be copied into the working directory and used from there. This allows local editing if results are not as expected, and making circuit specific changes.

The script loop_buf_loon uses the scripts ./buf_loon, ./find_fanin and ./find_rin. It expects them to be in the working directory and has prefixed them with ./ .

Download the scripts by clicking on the links below.