The University of Tennessee has a standard cell library designed for the AMI 0.6µm technology available in Cadence proprietary formats. The web page shows gif images of some of the cells, so if you don't have access to Cadence software you could copy the cells manually. The layout looks very similar to the 72λ tall Tanner library described before.

There are only 14 cells in the library They are 70λ tall with lambda=0.,3µm. The literature describes a cell height of 76λ, but the power supplies can be shared in a flip and abut placement which reduces the cell height.

The routing pitch is 8λ (2.4µm) for vertical wires and 10λ (3µm) for horizontal ones. Small transistors are generally used, Most P transistors are 10λ (3µm) wide and N  wide, so the library will be slow.

No attempt is made to keep a consistent P:N drive strength, so the 3-NOR gate has 3 10λ P transistors in series and a single 6λ N (ratio of 0.56). The 3-NAND gate has a single 10λ P and 3 series 5λ N transistors (ratio of 6). Most libraries try to keep a consistent ratio in the range of 1.5−2 for all gates.

The 2-XOR gate (right) is only 56λ wide. Metal-2 crossovers are used here and in other complex cells.

UT 0.6um 2-XOR gate
Uni Tennessee 2-XOR gate at 56λ wide and using metal-2 crossovers