Mississippi State University has designed standard cell libraries and made them available in the past, but this seems not to be true any more. They provided two libraries, scmos and gcmos, and descriptions can be found at http://www.erc.msstate.edu/mpl/distributions/scmos/html/msu_scmos_announce.html.

The download page no longer works. There is a data book for the scmos library describing 68 cells so one can view for example the 2-XOR gate (right). It's quite poor:

  • 16 small transistors
  • up to 3 stage delays
  • excessively wide
  • lots of internal metal-2 used

The scmos cell height is 78λ which is 31.2µm in 0.8µm technology. The routing pitch isn't clear. It might be 8λ, but the 78λ cell height and a flip and abut routing philosophy would place routing off-grid. The cell connectors appear to be off-grid.

Basic transistor sizes are 23λ for P and 17λ for N, but many cells use smaller ones. The 2-XOR gate is 104λ wide, instead of 64-72λ which would be achievable.

No information on the gcmos library exists except the announcement that it would be released in June 1997 with up to 9 drive strengths per logic function.

There is another release with most of its cell information in proprietary Cadence format. The supplied GDS files are incomplete and cannot be used (below).

msu_jennings_icfb.tar release
GDS files are missing diffusion layer

MSU scmos 2-XOR gate example
2-XOR gate from the MSU scmos standard cell library