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Each cell has a layout file drawn in Graal, a schematic drawn with Xcircuit, a file used to create the Alliance VBE files for synthesis and simulation and an information file for the Winspice characterisation. For the vsclib these are located at:


The .bash files are executed to create an initial "2µm" VBE file:

cd pharosc/alliance/makevbe/vsclib200
./nd2v0x2.bash > nd2v0x2.vbe
mv nd2v0x2.vbe ../../vbe/vsclib200

A script makeallviews in pharosc/alliance/cells/vsclib will create all the files needed for 0.13µm characterisation starting from these initial designer created files.

You can characterise a cell by going for example to

$ cd pharosc/magic/spice_vsclib013/xnr2
$ ./allxnr2

allxnr2 is a script which will characterise the 2-XNOR cells using Winspice. You need to have a link wspice3 which points to your Winspice program. On my Linux computer, this is

$ which wspice3
$ more ~/bin/wspice3
echo $1
nice -n 10 ~/cxoffice/bin/wine --workdir $PWD c:\\winspice\\wspice3.exe -b $PWD/$1

Winspice is a Windows program and runs in Linux under wine. I use the Crossover Office wine, but the open source wine works as well.